Sunday, 18 August 2013

Solar Power Bank 5,000 mA/h



Capacity: 5000mAh
Cell: Polymer Li-ion rechargeable battery
Solar panel: 0.7w  200mAh
Input: Mini 5p DC 5V/500mAh
Output: USB 2.0 DC 5.2V  1500mAh
Dimension: 125x79x14mm
Accessory: 5 tips , 1 cable, 1 power adapter


1. Check power statue 
Keep pressing button, 4 lights on—100% , 3 lights on—75%, 2 lights on—50%, 1 light on—25%, no lights on—low power 
2. Charge the solar powerbank itself 
A. By AC power supply: connect input of powerbank with the cable provided , plug the power adapter into the socket of AC power supply, then it starts charging. When 4 LED lights on , it is full charged. 
B. By sunlight: expose the solar panel to sunlight, it starts charging. 
When 4 LED lights on, it is full charged. 
3. Charge for digital devices 
(All devices with 5V voltage are available) Connect output of the powerbank with usb connector end of the cord, then plug the right tip end of the cord into your device’s charging port, it starts working.

5,000 mA/h Solar Power Bank
Available in Black & Blue
RM 130 (including postage)

LIMITED STOCK. First come first serve. Grab yours now!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Saturday, 3 August 2013

First Batch Preloved Items

Hello babies! Please support us by helping us to clear all these preloved items for more trendy and new items soon! Come and shopping with us! All items are available unless it's stated SOLD. Spread the love! xx

Simple White Superman Sleeveless
Fits To Size XS-M
Condition 10/10
RM 6

Padini White Shirt With Beads
Fits To Size S-M
Condition 10/10
RM 15

Padini Red Casual Sweat V Neck Shirt
Fits To Size S-M
Condition 10/10
RM 15

Cream Long Stripes shirt 
*Also can wear as a dress
Fits To Size S-M
Condition 9/10
RM 13

Red Polka Dots Chiffon Shirt
Fits To Size M-L
Condition 8/10
RM 12

Maroon Jeffrey Rogers England Mini Dress
Fits To Size S-M
Condition 8/10
RM 15

Seed Jeans 3/4 White Basic Shirt
Fits To Size M-XL
Condition 10/10
RM 13

Body Glove White Pants
Fits To Size S-M
Condition 8/10
RM 15

PDI Jeans CO. White Hot Pants
Fits To Size M-L
Condition 9/10
RM 15

Black + Grey Zebra Leggings
Fits To Size S-L
Condition 7/10
RM 7

Bracelets & Bangles
Condition 8/10
 All Sets For RM 10
[ White Beads + Orange = RM 5]
[ Bangles = RM 5]

Vincci Red Key Long Necklace
Condition 8/10
RM 7

Basic Vintage Pump Shoes
Size 38
Condition 9/10
RM 10

P/S :- The parcels will be delivered starting on 12 August 2013. Free postage within Malaysia for any purchases of 5 items (not available for accessories) & above!

Delivery via Pos Laju

Medium Size
West M'sia - RM 6.00
East M'sia - RM 8.00

Large Size
West M'sia - RM 8.00
East M'sia - RM 10.00

Preloved Items below RM 15!

Our preloved item is available now! Come and grab it while stock lasts!